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2005 Venetian Plaster Class Information

Please select the location you prefer:

  • Atlanta Georgia Venetian Plaster Applicator Class
  • San Diego California Venetian Plaster Applicator Class
  • Verona Italy Venetian Plaster Applicator Class
  • Our mission statement is as follows “provide the best taught plaster class in the U.S. using the worlds finest plasters giving each student the assurance that our prices are more competitive then any in our industry”. Upon completion of the extensive six-day class you will be certified to use the plasters Italians ask for by name, Safra Colors. We are the only distributor in the United States for Safra products. Some of the items you will learn in class are as follows. There are more than 20 types of plasters and Italian finishes to use, more than 1200 colors you or your client can choose from. You will learn history of plasters, why to choose a modified instead of an unmodified, or polished instead of a matt plaster. Every student will have use of a doublewide easel with custom drying racks on back for easy access.

    Our classes are limited to 10 per class. We do this to insure no one feels left behind. “Family” is an important aspect to any Italian; we want you to be part of ours. Upon course completion you will be classified as a Certified Venetian Plaster Applicator. You will take with you 31 sample boards containing a multitude of textures and color, a color fan deck, a nine DVD set (containing 35 different finishes), knowledge of how to properly estimate jobs and market yourself as a Certified Venetian Plaster Applicator.

    We now offer classes in Venetian Plaser Application in San Diego, Atlanta and Verona, Italy. By taking a class with us you will elevate your profession to a higher level.

    At the School of Italian Plasters all classes will be taught on 6 foot easels. We teach Venetian Plaster on these easels to give you the feel of a real wall. These sturdy easels can also take the pressure of troweling on heavy base plasters that you could not do on a table top easel. Most Venetian Plaster workshops teach on a flat surface. Which the design you learn to put into the plaster will not look the same on a vertical surface.

    We teach people from all backgrounds. From traditional plasterers, housewives, faux finish applicators, people from the IT field, you name it. With the right training and practice anyone can learn how to apply true Venetian Plasters.

    All the trowels and tools we use are imported from Italy. You cannot find such tools here in the USA. Even our brushes are Italian that we use for the primers. At least half of the people we train have never used a trowel before. Most of the time this is a good thing because there are no bad habits to break.

    The training you will receive here at the School of Italian Plasters can not be matched anywhere in the USA. We take great pride in our ability to teach each person how to produce awesome looking sample boards, which they will use later on to start their own portfolio.

    In the beginning we toyed with the idea of teaching a 2 day workshop but decided against this because 2 days is just not enough time to give sufficient training. That is why we decided to produce the DVD's. The information that you will take in in the 5 day class is sometimes overwhelming. But with the DVD's you can watch the entire class over and over again while you work side by side the plaster master.

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    Now with two locations to serve you!

    San Diego California
    Doyle and Linda Self
    Phone: 619-282-0120
    Toll Free: 866-336-3393

    Atlanta Georgia
    James and Shayna Kirkpatrick
    Phone: 1-866-560-4444

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