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Venetian Plaster Decorative Stuccos

Set of 14 Instructional DVD'S SALE $125.00

At The School of Italian Plasters we teach the traditional European methods which date back thousands of years.
Imagine learning how to create the beauty of Venice with true Venetian Plaster that will last a lifetime!

We now offer a 14 DVD Venetian Plaster set for the experienced artisan, a 6-day Venetian Plaster Application certification class in Dallas Texas, Ohio and San Diego California and a Venetian Plaster Application class in Italy.

The 14 DVD?s cover everything in our 6-day Venetian Plaster class. This is designed with the experienced artisan in mind. If you have been using other decorative plasters for some time, we feel with the aid of our DVD?s teaching you the techniques and application cycles you will be able to successfully apply our Venetian plasters. Also you will be able to download the ?handbook? which is the printed material to help you with the DVD?s. You get the ?Estimator?, which all you do is input the sq. ft. of your project and it will tell you the price of the job (which you can set) give you a material list and the man hrs. to complete the project.

Our 6 day Venetian Plaster Applicator Class is the total package! Each student will leave with 32 samples in over 20 different plasters. You get the 14 DVD's plus national marketing to promote you as an applicator. We share with you what has worked for us, including actual pricing for all of the plasters and a business plan to help you market yourself. This is a proven plan that we successfully have used ourselves for years. You will be able to practice along with the DVD to perfect your technique. Our 6 day Venetian Plaster Applicator Class is conduced at our Dallas, Texas location as well as our San Diego and Ohio location.

The 10 day Venetian Plaster Application class in Italy includes your room, lunch, dinner and wine of course. In this class you will learn the traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation. Twice a year we take up to 10 applicators and their spouses to Italy. We do this in the spring and the fall. You can not attend this class and not come back truyly inspired.

On the talk forum we have the "Sample Venetian Plaster How to Gallery". This is where applicators from all over the Country share their newest creations. Step by step including the plasters used, how they were applied, and even the color formulas. All steps is shown with pictures. Many of these methods carry the plasters to more of a decorative effect. With this input from the entire Safra Family we will all stay ahead of the competition.

We do not just teach the plasters, we also apply. Every technique you will learn can actually be done on a wall, not just on a sample board. We recently won an award from Safra's Italian headquarters for one of our plaster applications. They had never seen Venetian Plaster taken to such a decorative effect. We don't look at our Venetian Plaster as just a plaster job, but instead as art. This superior look we achieve cannot be accomplished with your over-the-counter plasters.

For years now many people have agreed that Safra makes the best quality plasters in the world. We are now making the plasters available to all with the new DVD?s, Italy class and our 6-day classes. It is our hope that everyone that does Italian Decorations has the opportunity to use the very best.

For more information on our Venetian Plaster classes or products please call or email us.

Come and experience a real Plaster class

We use the plasters the italians ask for by name, Arte Nova

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