Product Information

The effects SAFRA selected to compose the ARTENOVA  package are the result of 40 years of investigation in two directions.


Part of the effort was put in discovering how decorative feelings were conveyed in the past. That effort led SAFRA to the rediscovery of effects and techniques typical of Italy's decorative past, which translated in the rediscovery of famous (Venetian Stucco) and less famous (Stucco Mantovano) products and application techniques developed in the centuries, whose virtues stirr today new interest in the Architectural community worldwide. In line with that filosophy SAFRA complemented its line of mineral traditional finishes with a line of earth colourants actually based on earth pigments and water, therefore unlike most of the pigments normally available on the market, called Earths (Terre) but actually based on mineral oxydes.


The second part of the effort was placed by SAFRA's R&D in the development of formulations outperforming the present market standards in some respect, whether technically or aesthetically.

In this second family we can surely count products like AQUARELLO, a water-based stain, perfectly resistant to graffitis and VENEZIANO, a breathable synthetic ventian plaster resisting over 50.000 brush strokes, retouchable and washable with virtually any detergent, thus ideal for high-end public areas (hotel lobbies, corporate buidings etc..)


Thank you for taking the time to pay a quick visit to the following excerpt, assembled with the only goal of conveying to you a  basic introduction to the ARTENOVA concept.


The Textured Plasters


Textured Plaster Firmonovo Coat 1 Coat 2 Coat 3 Coat 4 Coat 5 Product Yield 

Murs d'art.jpg (619588 octets)

Murs d'Art X           580 sq. ft a day
Fix a Quartz   X        
Murs d'Art     X      
Ceranova Wax Tinted     X    

Immagini.jpg (724653 octets) Immagini X 500 sq. ft a day
Immagini X X

The Venetian Stuccoes

  #Steps 1 2 3 4 5 6  
Venetian Plasters Firmonovo Coat 1 Coat 2 Coat 3 Coat 4 Coat 5 Product Yield

Veneziano_Orange.jpg (39680 octets)

Stucco Veneziano X           275 sq ft a day
S. V. Primer   X        
S. V. Finisher     X X    

mantorose.jpg (189074 octets)

Stucco Mantovano X           240 sq ft a day
Prontomuro   X      
Stucco Mantovano     X X X


travertino.jpg (382345 octets)

Stucco Travertino X           290 sq ft a day
Prontomuro   X        
Stucco Travertino     X X    

calcenova creme 2.jpg (101792 octets)

Stucco Calcenova X

500 sq ft a day

Stucco Calcenova X X
Ceranova or Indurkalk X

Marmorino.jpg (435862 octets)

Stucco Marmorino X           220 sq 0ft a day 
Prontomuro   X        
Stucco Marmorino     X X    

fio bleu.jpg (65316 octets)

Stucco Fiorentino X 500 sq ft a day
Stucco Fiorentino X X

The Decorative Paints

Decorative Paints Firmonovo Coat 1 Coat 2 Coat 3 Coat 4 Coat 5  Product Yield 
Aquarello.jpg (572773 octets) Aquarello X           680 sq. ft a day
A. Primer   X X      
A. Finisher       X X  

etruria.jpg (720842 octets) Etruria X           880 sq. ft a day
Fix a Quartz   X        
E. Primer     X      
E. Finisher       X