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The School of Italian Plasters Announces
The Opening of Our New San Diego Location!

At The School of Italian Plasters your staff will be trained in the ancient techniques of applying Venetian Plasters. We teach the traditional European methods which date back thousands of years. Imagine learning how to create the beauty of Venice with true Venetian Plaster that will last a lifetime!

The term "Venetian Plaster" was coined in the early 80's here in the USA because of its origins in the Venetian Region in Italy. "Venetian Plaster" or "Italian Plaster" usually refers to a polished plaster, either lime or resin. In Italy, the term "Venetian Plaster" is not used; the plasters are called "Decorative Stuccos". Many people call them faux finish, but because these are true plasters, not faux, we refer to them as Italian Plaster, Venetian Plaster or Decorative Stucco.

Most of our Venetian Plasters can be used indoors or outdoors without restrictions. Veneziano has been nicked named in Italy as “The Women’s Stucco” because it burnishes to an even gloss with very little effort. With over 1200 colors there is no way to be disappointed by such a product.

The class will be a 6 day class and you will learn 20 different plasters. We will also teach the latest techniques we learned on our last trip to Italy. You will leave with a total of 32 sample boards to show your prospective clients. Included in the class will be the new Metallo plasters which consist of 6 golds, 6 coppers, 6 silvers, 6 bronzes and a verde. These new Metallo plasters are like nothing on the market today.

Our service does not stop with just the training. We share with you what has worked for us, including actual pricing for all of the plasters and a business plan to help you market yourself. This is a proven plan that we successfully use ourselves. After you take the class you will receive a nine DVD set containing 35 different finishes including all the ones you learned in class. We do this because there is a lot of information to remember in 6 days. You will be able to practice along with the DVD to perfect your technique. On the talk forum we have the "Sample How to Gallery". This is where applicators from all over the Country share their newest creations. Step by step including the plasters used, how they were applied, and even the color formulas. All steps is shown with pictures. Many of these methods carry the plasters to more of a decorative effect. With this input from the entire Safra Family we will all stay ahead of the competition.

We do not just teach the plasters, we also apply. Every technique you will learn can actually be done on a wall, not just on a sample board. We recently won an award from Safra's Italian headquarters for one of our plaster applications. They had never seen Venetian Plaster taken to such a decorative effect. We don't look at our Venetian Plaster as just a plaster job, but instead as art. This superior look we achieve cannot be accomplished with your over-the-counter plasters.

All applicators will be promoted in our National Advertisement Campaign. Instead of spending our advertising budget on getting more Venetian Plaster applicators, we decided to spend it to promote all of our applicators nationwide. In the faux painting or decorative stucco field this is virtually unheard of. The others leave the promoting to you. Be sure to view our Venetian Plaster Applicator of the Month!

Here in the USA, with the support of Safra, we are setting the standard. No one teaches or imports as many Venetian plasters as we do. Combine the free job referral, free network of applicators, free phone support, private discussion board to share color combinations as well as techniques, over 1 million dollars of plaster in inventory and the choice is clear. Whether you are a seasoned professional, or new to the business, The School of Italian Plasters offers the best training with the best plasters from Italy. If you are interested in Venetian Plaster, use the plasters the Italians ask for by name: Artenova by Safra.

Call or email today for free samples and information on Italian Plaster.

Come and experience a real Plaster class

We use the plasters the italians ask for by name, Arte Nova

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Now with two locations to serve you!

San Diego California
Doyle and Linda Self
Phone: 619-282-0120
Toll Free: 866-336-3393

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