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Venetian Plaster Applicator of the Month

Once a month the School of Italian Plasters will showcase a new Venetian Plaster applicator.

This month we will focus on Doyle and Linda Self from Atlanta, Georgia.

Linda and Doyle started as paint contractors. Not your average painters though. They were contracted to work at Hotels, Malls, Department Stores, Restaurants and high-end residential homes. In 1998, they decided to sell their paint company and start taking faux finish classes. Being trained at the best faux finish schools around the country, they learned over 100 different faux finishes. From simple glazing techniques to 11 layers of texture and glazes. But what struck their interest was the Venetian Plasters. Eventually, their passion turned towards anything they could trowel on. When they were not doing a job they were in their studio practicing. Many times they tried different techniques to achieve the look of the Italian plasters as pictured in their library of countless books. The faux gave them constant failures at the authenticity they craved to create. Being disappointed also by the duality of the faux plasters Doyle decided to start his quest for more authentic plasters. This lead them first to Rhode Island, and after training and another disappointment it was off to Texas. This training school they were lured by a "Real Italian Plaster". With up to 6 coats of Venetian Plaster plus base coating with paint first (the same color) and 3 coats of wax, Linda and Doyle knew their search was not over.

Totally exhausting the resources here in the USA, they turned their focus to Italy. It wasn't long before Doyle discovered there were over 2,000 companies manufacturing Venetian Plaster in Italy, some with only 3% lime. How could someone possibly make the right choice without trying each and every one of these. One day while on the Internet Doyle discovered Safra Colors, a family owned business in Verona. This company supplies the plasters for the historic buildings in Italy. Even the plasters to repair the frescos in many of the churches. Immediately he emailed Safra Colors and asked for samples. When the products arrived they both took the plaster down to the studio. It only took one sample for the both of them to realize their hard work had paid off. 15 different plasters in 1275 colors they were in heaven. A Safra representative made 4 trips to the USA to train the two in plaster applications. Some of these techniques date back more than a thousand years. In August 2001, The School of Italian Plasters was born. After about 1 year the owner of Safra Colors made Doyle and Linda the exclusive distributors for ARTENOVA plasters by Safra in the United States.

Today with over 200 applicators trained by them, in almost every state in the USA., Doyle and Linda Self have become not only one of the foremost applicators in Venetian Plaster, but also offer the most extensive training in Venetian Plaster in North America. They enhance their own training with regular trips to Italy and this year they have been asked to teach the Italians some of their newest techniques. What an honor to achieve in only 2 years. Doyle's attention to detail along with the ability to visualize helps in the creations of all their new finishes . Linda has a natural magic touch that transcends their Venetian Plaster finishes into art. The word “ARTISTE” means: {A woman skilled in a creative occupation} and this term describes Linda to a "T". Her perception of perfection compliments her creative talents.

The schools website is the #2 visited site for decorative painting according to Alex who tracks traffic to the top websites in the world.

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