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Faux Finish Techniques using venetian Plaster

The word faux finish means: fake finish. Most faux finishers take a faux product and try to reproduce a look to fool the eye. This technique has been done for Centuries. There many accomplished decorative painters in the world, many can be quite convincing with the use of just paint and glazes. We have learned how to take faux finishing to a new level with the use of true Italian Plasters. The advantage of this type of plastering  is durability (that will last for centuries) and the look is more realistic than most faux finishes will ever achieve. When we use real Italian Plasters to make our faux stone, not only does it look real, but it also feels real. Because we make it out of real stone not a synthetic product or faux plaster. 

At the School of Italian Plaster you and your staff will learn how to apply 15 different plasters using the traditional techniques we learned in Italy. You will learn on 6 foot easels not table tops, so you can get the feel of a real wall. But in addition to this, you will also learn how to carry the plasters to a new level and achieve a variety of decorative effects. We hold advance classes at the School to teach. In addition, every 6  to 12 months we release a new DVD with step by step instructions on how to get breath taking results for your portfolio.  For those of you who do not wish to take the advanced class, we will offer the new DVD releases to all former students. This will help you to compete in the very competitive field of faux finishing without the expense of taking update classes. Some people like to learn hands on, thus we offer the advance class, which will include the DVD.  In the advance class you will learn many new techniques some of which are pictured below.

We are always experimenting with new looks. Sometimes our inspiration comes from the Interior Designers, pictures or just creations from our own imagination. Other applicators from around the world will share their new finishes with us to include on the DVD's. When you start applying these plasters your own mind will be racing at the possibilities. By networking our ideas together we create a portfolio that just keeps growing.

After the class in the USA we offer a chance to train in Italy. We do not teach this class, but participate with a true Italian Master. While we are there we also experience the beauty of Milan,Venice, Verona, Montova and Florence. Seeing the authentic Italian plasters everywhere will change your perception and expand the possibilities.

No one offers the kind of training we do in Venetian Plaster. In fact, the Italian Masters were so impressed with our applications of the Italian plasters, they awarded my wife and I a free trip to Italy. We do not look at our work as just a wall finish, but as art. It is an  expression of ones self.

We not only teach these  techniques, we also apply them. If you are having trouble with an actual job you can contact us and we will be more than happy to offer our assistance. Not just give advice on sample boards. Whether you are a union plasterer, faux finisher or thinking about a career change. Use the plasters the Italians ask for by name Artenova by Safra.

Below are some of the applications for the next DVD. Click on any picture to view enlargement. We also offer you the ability to find a certified Artenova Applicator located near you!

 Aquarello harliquin.


This plaster can be used inside or out. Harlequin patterns are very elegant on Tuscany finish.

mursd' art


Brick and break away plaster is a favorite to anyone who has ever been to Italy.

 lime paint

Lime Paint

The look of real lime paint can not be reproduced.

Travertine Stone


Unpolished Travertine Stone is found all over Italy. Looks its best in columns or blocks.

Mursd`Art  tile


The look of real stones can be achieved with a little plaster and imagination


Stucco Romano

Burlap is a popular faux finish. With the use of this plaster you can have the look with durability.

stencil aquarello


This is an excellent kitchen finish that gives more than just a taste of Tuscany.

harliquin veneziano


Harlequins done in a high polished plasters perfect for residential or commercial applications.

veneziano tile


Venetian Plaster with grout lines gives the look and feel of real marble blocks

venetian plaster and Aquarello harliquin


Plastering at it's finest. A textured Tuscany plaster with diamonds of polished Venetian Plaster

stone mursd' art faux finish


Stacked stone so real even masons are impressed.

old wall aquarello faux finish


Usually only time can age a wall to perfection. The look of Venice inside or out.

stucco romano faux finish

Stucco Romano

Textures, Textures, Textures. Each room is a true work of art.

mursd`art faux finish w/stencil


Combing plaster and adding a relief stencil will bring ambiance to any room.

sample stone column

Traverine Stone Column

Wooden columns are transformed into solid stone

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