SAFRA S.p.A. was founded in 1961 by Annibale Sergio Foroni as a manufacturer of synthetic        resins. Since  1965 the production included also powder resins, glues and tinting pastes. In 1969 SAFRA begun formulating and manufacturing water-based products -a quite new  idea at those times- with a specific attention to decorative finishes.

Upon the death of Annibale, in 1977, SAFRA was taken care of by his son Luigi and his brother Gianfranco, both chemists. Gianfranco decided to focus on the R&D part of the company, while Luigi took over the marketing and commercial parts. The outcome of such new management led SAFRA to a rapid growth.


Today SAFRA COLORS SpA is the mother company of a group which includes branch companies like SAFRA SCHWEITZ, SAFRA DEUTSCHLAND, SAFRA CROAZIA, SAFRA EAST and SAFRA HOLDING, together with varying degrees of participations in a number of other leading European manufacturers of decorative finishes.  


SAFRA was a pioneer in the investigation of the lime-based finishes traditional of the Italian decorative heritage and in 1980 SAFRA begun proposing to the market the rediscovery of the unique decorative effects achievable with such family of finishes. The Italian market accepted most positively such rediscovery and many more paint manufacturers followed suit.


Since then Gianfranco and his team of researchers concentrated their efforts on investigating and improving the tinting pastes technology and performance, together with masterminding a consistent number of decorative effects, mineral and acrylic water-based. Today SAFRA has a huge portfolio of formulations, more than 70 different ones of Venetian Plaster alone, covering a wide range of different looks, textures and technical performances.


The decorative finishes which, in SAFRA's opinion, outperform the present market standards in some major feature have been gathered in specific line of high-decorative effects called ARTENOVA.

SAFRA's most advanced tinting pastes were collected in the ARTECOLOR tinting system


Stringent quality checks of all incoming raw materials, of the various semifinished solutions and of any and all batches of finished products are obviously performed.


SAFRA's commitment to Total Quality is evident to anyone visiting our premises, where part of the machinery was developed specifically following SAFRA's design and project suggestions.


All our dispersors work in vacuum conditions, to reduce as much as possible the phoenomena of air micro-bubbles inside the products.  Such phoenomena can lead to bacteria pollution in time and requires the use of a number of chemicals to solve, which additives  in turn may lead to batch-to-batch performance inconsistencies, having often to be added in quantities directly related to the amonut of air inside the specific batch. the way, of course SAFRA uses only steel tanks and pipery. No fiberglass or other second best stuff.



To be comfortable with the quality of what we  manufacture we go great lenghts.

A clue is most evident:  the refrigerated area in our plant. We built it to stock our semifinhsed solutions at 12C, to prevent the faintest danger of deterioration.




Another small clue is given by the care taken that no tanks whatsoever, even the big ones, are ever left open to the air.


All incoming raw materials are quality checked and filtered before stocking.

All powder raw materials go thorough our grinding mills before being refiltered and finally stocked.



The above are just a few facts among the many that show how much reliable SAFRA is as your Industrial Partner


When you buy Safra Plasters your buying family traditions handed down from generation to generation. No other company in the world is more committed in producing true authentic Italian Plasters that will last a life time. 

We are very proud that Safra chose us to bring these traditional plasters to America.  click here for a quote from Luigi The owner of Safra Products.

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