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"Atlanta Plaster Boot Camp"

You will do 100 sq. ft. of each: Marmorino, Calcenova, Metallo and Veneziano. After you sign up for "boot camp", but before class begins, you will pick your own colors.

This class is designed for 9 to 5 but could run over. You will leave with the confidence to do almost any plaster finish. We will have staging furniture for you to take pictures of your rooms for your portfolio. Linda and I both will run this class and help each of you to complete 4 works of art. This will only be held at our Atlanta location. The cost of the class will be $2,000.00 Part of the cost will go to re-sheetrock the walls and buy new crown and base. Class size is limited to 8.

If this was a paying job you would make about 5 grand in one week. So if you are a decorative artist already, you will learn how to work more effectively in order to achieve these kind of goals. If you are new to applying Decorative Plasters you will have a jump start on how to work efficiently.

We share with you what has worked for us, including actual pricing for all of the plasters and a business plan to help you market yourself. This is a proven plan that we successfully have used ourselves for years. You will be able to practice along with the DVD to perfect your technique

This is also a certification class and we will include you on our website. You will also be included in our national marketing of Applicators. You will receive our 14 DVD set, 2 fan decks and have access to the estimator. Not to mention access to our Certified Applicator Forums.

The dates are as follows:

October 15th thru the 20th

November 5th thru the 10th.

Register for our Venetian Plaster Bootcamp now!

Below are samples of the boards you will complete during Plaster Bootcamp.

Day 1.

  • Tape builders paper to the floor and put drop cloths down.
  • Tape your board off and Firmanova.
  • Firmanova your own walls tape off the base board, crown, light switch, wall plug.
  • Whip up your Veneziano Primer with a drill do sample and then apply to your walls.
  • You will then pull your own tint for your Marmorino (or Marmorino Lustro) in your color and mix up the plaster.
  • You will also do the same for Metallo, Veneziano and Calcenova or Calcenova Arredo.

Day 2.

  • Whip up your Prontomuro (the base coat for Marmorino)
  • Apply to your sample board and then your walls.
  • Pull the tape.
  • Whip up your Calcenova (that you mixed the first day) and do your skim coat on your board and then your walls.
  • Skim your Veneziano sample board and then skim your walls.

Day 3.

  • Re tape your over your Prontomuro (crown and base)
  • Whip up your Marmorino that you already tinted and skim coat your sample board with Marmorino and then your walls.
  • Skim coat your Metallo sample and then skim coat your walls.

Day 4.

  • Whip up your Marmorino Board and finish your Marmorino sample.
  • Then finish your Marmorino walls and pull the tape and drop cloths and clean floor.
  • Touch up base and crown if needed.
Apply your next coat to your Metallo sample board then walls and burnish.
  • Pull tape and drops.
  • Clean floor and touch up base.

Day 5.

  • Apply your final coat to your Veneziano sample board then your walls and burnish.
  • Pull tape and drops.
  • Clean floor and touch up base.
  • Apply your final coat of Calcenova to your sample board and burnish, then your walls.

Day 6

  • Apply soap wax to your Calcenova sample board and then to your walls.
  • Pull tape and drops.
  • Clean floor and touch up base.
  • The rest of the day will be questions and answers and also giving anyone the chance who may have fallenl behind to catch up.

Veneziano Neutral Base


Metallo with Verde


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