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Venetian Plaster Applicator

Plasters of Italy

Vallie Duncan

Dallas, Texas

Phone: 972-670-9850



Vallie Duncan is one of a handful of certified Italian plaster applicators in the southwest United States. Certification means Vallie has been trained in the exclusive technique and skills required to properly apply the plaster. And he has full access to the product, Artenova by Safra.

Customize the color of this Italian plasters finish to blend with your present décor or outside environment. This one of a kind Venetian plasters application and its undeniable beauty results from strict adherence to specific recommendations of the only United States importer of Artenova.

His education in the art of using Artenova plasters also enables him to expertly answer any of your questions.

Plasters of Italy is located in Mckinney, Texas, a suburb of Dallas and has been in business since 1999.

Becoming a certified applicator with the School of Italian Plasters has had a tremendous effect on his business. Vallie has completed projects for architects, designers, homeowners and builders who are extremely overwhelmed with how these plasters have transformed their walls into works of art.

The Texas Historical Commission readily approved the Aquarello finish that was applied to the interior walls of the Collin County Prison that was built in 1880. This Italianate style structure is one of the few remaining constructed in the “Gilded Age” of American history. F. E. “Ernst” and Oscar Ruffini were part of the first wave of professional architects to practice in Texas. The building will be opening under the name of McAndrews Bookshop and Café in Mcknney, Texas.

Vallie Duncan - With over 15 years experience in the decorative painting and finishing business, I now have a product that is above and beyond any other on the market. The School of Italian Plasters is not just a distribution center or a one time course. They are very supportive and involved with the continued education and development of their students.

Thanks to Doyle, Linda, Luca and all of the applicators for their support and guidance.

Valllie Duncan
Plasters of Italy


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