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Venetian Plaster Applicator of the Month

Once a month the School of Italian Plasters will showcase a new Venetian Plaster applicator.

Lisa Shoptaw

Bella Casa in Memphis, TN

1702 Overton Park

Phone: (901) 276-9027


A passion for plaster -- this phrase best describes why I do what I do. I have a degree in Residential Interior Design, have worked as an interior designer, and then as a buyer for a museum store. I discovered an art form that perfectly suited my talents and prior experience. I trained at the School of Italian Plasters in the United States, and then at the Safra Studios in Verona, Italy.

My experience in Italy was invaluable. There I learned the science and history behind each plaster and watched and performed age-old application techniques. Seeing the colors and textures of the plasters in Venice, the aging beauty of the Verona plasters, and the long-lasting magnificence of the frescos in Mantua spurred the imagination and left me with a greater understanding of this art form.

Combining the best quality plasters with excellent training and adding a passion for the art form makes for the perfect combination. Using walls as my palette and plaster my medium I work with my clients to develop finishes that bring their vision to fruition.
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