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Venetian Plaster Applicator

It's Not Paint.

        It's Plaster.

It's Not Faux.

        It's The Real Thing.

It's a beautiful way to enhance an interior or exterior surface.

It's expert application of authentic, Safra Arte Nova plasters from Verona, Italy - available in 15 types and 1,200 colors.

It's a unique way to add aesthetic and intrinsic value to contemporary or traditional residential or commercial settings.

It's An Art Thing.

Joseph Bronzino's expertise and artistry in this unique field of master arts can beautifully transform any interior or exterior environment. A perfectionist and a consummate professional who cares as much about the outcome of a project as the Client, Joseph's thirty yeas as a successful commercial photographer - including extensive experience with consultation, concept, and creative direction; lighting, color balance and color theory; textile photography; set design and construction - gives him an invaluable edge and enhances every project. Working in an artisanal mode with an authentic, handcrafted materials was a natural progression. Equally beneficial to the designer, Joseph has extensive experience working with subcontractors and understands the importance of deadlines.

Authentic Italian Plasters
Residential and Commercial

Member ASID
Certified by: The Finishing School * School of Italian Plasters * Vigini Studios

Contact Joseph Bronzino of It's An Art Thing at
(770) 992-2103 or

Joseph Bronzino


(770) 992-2103



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