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Venetian Plaster Applicator

Sheila McGregor

Long Beach, CA

Phone: 562-498-5777
Cell Phone: 562-394-7431
Toll Free: 877-498-5777

Sheila McGregor studied Marketing at Louisiana State University and was born and raised in New Orleans. There I developed a taste for food, European architectural design and the city's colorful history. New Orleans is known internationally for it's unique atmosphere. The city is also known for it's similarity to European antiquity, architecture, stucco finishes, rod iron embellishments, plazas, fountains and court yards. Much of what we see in New Orleans is similar to many Southern European countries, and costal Spain. This was the birth of my passion for age old finishes.

After my tour at LSU I pursued a career in clothing design and marketing. This eventually led to my relocating to Manhattan in 1973.

In NY city I perused a career in the "private label" clothing industry. This enabled me to travel the globe. In the process I was exposed to all of the cultural and architectural aspects of Italy, France, England, Asia, Israel, South America, Amsterdam,Germany, Belgium, etc.

I believe my original fascination with Venetian Plaster and antique painting effects began with the combination of all of my varying exposure over many years.

However, my real obsession started when a close friend married a NY restaurateur . Their restaurants specialize in Northern Italian cuisine which led them to purchase a villa just outside of Florence in 1989.

During their 2 year restoration I followed the Venetian Artisans and ultimately became dedicated to pursuing this ancient trade on a serious level. I WAS HOOKED ON VENETIAN PLASTER. In 1995 I sold my clothing business in NY and moved to California. It was then that I decided to dedicate as much time as I could to faux finishing, stenciling techniques, trying to "make" Venetian Plaster (dry wall mud), or to attempt to make walls look like Venetian Plaster.

Then I discovered Linda and Doyle Self and their School of Italian Plaster. They took my desire, experience, cultural exposure, creativity, and pure obsession with wall finishes and gave it a whole new meaning and me the career I always had always wanted.

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