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Advanced Venetian Plaster Class

Stenciling with Plasters. This class will be 3 days at a cost of $1,000.00. In this class you will learn more decorative effects with the traditional plasters. Some of our applicators have increased their profits as much as a 4 thousand a month, by adding stenciling with plasters. Below are the boards you will do in the class. This class will be offered only twice a year and limited to 10 people. We are making the first class criteria for the Advance class. We expect everyone to review the DVD's so we will not have to explain much about the plasters. That way we can just concentrate on the new techniques.

Current dates for the 2006 classes are:

Atlanta – June 29th thru the 30th
San Diego – August 10th thru the 12th

Please let me know in you are interested in attending this class.


Stucco Romano Crackle

Metallo and Fiorentino

Calecnova and Metallo

Pompeii Fresco





Metallo with crusty mix

Old Metallo

High Relief Mursd'Art

All over Stencil with Relief

Calcenova Arredo

Veneziano and Metallo

Rasa Calce

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