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2006 Venetian Plaster Applicator Classes in Italy will be conducted on:

April 2006

Date: 14th thru 23rd

October 2006

Date: Sept. 29th thru Oct. 8th


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Our October 2004 trip to Italy was a smashing success. Everyone had a great time touring and in classes. We were able to visit the International Marble Festival which was truly one of a kind. Be sure to check out the International Marble Festival pictures.

Here are some pictures of last class in Italy.

Piazza del Popolo


Fountain Villa Borghese

(Fountain of the Four Rivers)
in Piazza Navonna

:-) Smart Cars!
park anywhere

Leslie and Linda on the steps to Piazza di Campidoglio

Statue of Castor & Pollux Campidoglio

The arch of Septimus Severus and the Temple of Saturn

The arch of Septimus Severus, Roman Forum

Roman Goodesses!

on the way to the Trevi!

Piazza di Spaga Spanish Steps

Roman Colisseum

Forum of Augustus ruins at night

Temple of Saturn and other Forum ruins at night

The Master

Watching the Master!

Jim and the great Gelato

One of the many galleries in the Vatican Museums

Vatican museum floor mosaic

Another of the many galleries in the Vatican Museum

Marketplace in Montova



Grand Canal Venice

Our first dinner in Rome

Strolling over the Adige River at Corso Castle Vecchio Verona

Il Ponte Scaligero Verona

The Adige River Verona

La Casa di Giulietta - tatue of Juliet touched for "Luck" by Jim

Hail Doyle!

Madonna fountain Piazza Erbe Verona.
Linda and Jim

San Giorgio in Braida Church, Verona on the Adige River

Another great house in Verona

Fresco 1530 Piazza Erb Verona

Beautiful ceiling in the gallery of the Vatican Museum

Jump into the New Metallics!

Piazza Venezia Monument"Vittoriano" for King Emanuele II
(tomb f the unknown soldier)

A coin thrown into the Trevi Fountain assures a return trip to Rome!

(she wolf)

Area Sacra Ruins

Rome in a day tour! Our group photo at Piazza della Rotunda, outside the Pantheon

True friends pose in front of the Madonna Fountain, Verona Piazza Erbe

Arch of Septimus Severus



Pictures from past Italy Classes and trips.

mantova3.JPG.jpg (37228 bytes)
Inside the castle of Mantova. Frescos painted walls to ceilings
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