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2007 Venetian Plaster Class
Schedule Dallas FOR Texas

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Atlanta Georgia Venetian Plaster Applicator Class
Dallas Texas Venetian Plaster Applicator Class
San Diego California Venetian Plaster Applicator Class
Verona Italy Venetian Plaster Applicator Class


Dallas Texas




  • Lunch is included
  • Students will take home 31 sample boards with 20 different plaster finishes.
  • Student will receive a Certificate of Completion from "The School of Italian Plasters." This will enable you to buy products and give your clients the confidence that you are qualified to apply the products.


9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday Thru Saturday


Price $1550.00 with a $700.00 deposit
(Tuition includes the 2 fandecks of 1275 colors plus a 9 DVD set that covers all the plasters taught in the class.)

Our 2007 class is now better than ever! We have added an additional day to our class schedule in order to include our new plasters.


2007 Venetian Plaster Class Dates For Dallas:


May 2007

Date: 21st thru 26th

June 2007

Date: 18th thru 23rd

July 2007

Date: 30th thru 4th

August 2007

Date: 20th thru 25th

September 2007

Date: 10th thru 15th

October 2007

Date: 22nd thru 27th

November 2007

Date: 26th thru Dec. 1st

December 2007

Date: 10th thru 15th

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San Diego California
Damian Cruz
Phone: 619-282-0120
Toll Free: 866-336-3393

Dallas Texas
Doyle  L Self II
Phone: 619-282-0120
Toll Free: 866-336-3393

Atlanta Georgia
James Kirkpatrick
Phone: 770-438-0870
Toll Free : 866-560-4444

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