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6 Day Venetian Plaster Applicator Class

Our 6 day Venetian Plaster Applicator Class is our portfolio builder. No other class in the world will you leave with this many samples. Each student will leave with at least 32 samples in over 20 different plasters. You get the 14 DVD's plus 2 fan decks.

We will teach you how to apply all the plasters we import. There will be no other class that you will need to take unless you would like to attend the Plaster Boot Camp to perfect your skills.

This is also a certification class and we will include you on our website. You will also be included in our national marketing of Applicators. You will receive our 14 DVD set, 2 fan decks and have access to the estimator. Not to mention access to our Certified Applicator Forums

We share with you what has worked for us, including actual pricing for all of the plasters and a business plan to help you market yourself. This is a proven plan that we successfully have used ourselves for years.
Our 6 day Venetian Plaster Applicator Class is conduced at our Dallas, Texas and San Diego, California locations.

Below are samples of the boards you will complete during this 6 day Venetian Plaster class.

Register for our 6 Day Venetian Plaster Class now!

Veneziano White Base

Veneziano White Base

Veneziano Neutral Base

Veneziano Neutral Base



Calcenova Arredo

Calcenova Arredo

Veneziano BiColore
(Brown and Gold)

Veneziano BiColore
(2 Reds with Wax>

Stucco Romano



Metallo with Verde


Rasa Calce



Travertino with Blocks

Stucco Lugano


Smooth Mursd'Art

Old Stone

Stucco Valentino

Coccio Pesto

Coccio Pietra

Sale e Pepe


Aquarello with Interest

Inganno Fresco

Marmorino Lustro




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