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2005 Florida Expo

The School of Italian Plaster received a special invitation to attend this function to explain more about the "True Italian Plasters". In attendance were the owner of Safra Colors, Luigi Foroni and head chemist Gianfranco Foroni for an educational discussion on the history of Venetian Plasters. Much to even organizers surprise, The School of Italian Plasters literally stole the show! We were informed that next year we would not be placed at the front entrance as we were "stopping traffic"! As participants entered the showroom they invariably stopped at our display area which began to create a traffic jam. Needless to say, Safra Italian Plasters was definitely a hit.

Didn't make the show? No problem! Below you will find a small sampling of photographs that were taking during this event.

Gianfranco and Daniela

More suthern cooking in Atlanta

Pictures of the booth

Linda,demonstrating the lime paint

Linda, Luca and Gigia taking a break

The new easle we built for the show. We may be selling these after we get back from Italy if interested.

Gianfranco demo's the new metallics in Atlanta

Pictures of the booth

Pictures of the booth

getting ready for the doors to open the first day

having a good ole country breakfast at Vittles restaurant in Atlanta
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